Recording or Streaming Xbox One Party Chat - OBS

Capturing Xbox One Party Chat Using OBS

This page describes how to capture and record Xbox One Party Chat using the Xbox app on Windows 10 and OBS. For information on the basic setup which is common between OBS and Elgato's Game Capture HD head here. This page assumes you are otherwise familiar with capturing and/or streaming with OBS and simply covers the additional settings you need to use in order to ensure game audio/video and chat audio are in sync.

Synchronizing the Audio

You're now able to capture Party Chat audio but chances are it'll be out of sync with the action because of the time it takes for the capture card to process the image, particularly if you use an external capture solution like I do. The following information is specific to the Elgato HD60 but with it you should able to adjust values for your particular setup.

The Elgato HD60 has about 650 ms of delay but our Party Chat audio has far less, maybe closer to 50 depending on your network connection so we need to configure OBS to synchronize the two audio streams. To do this we tell OBS two things. First, we need to tell OBS to buffer the entire scene by 700 ms. This gives us room to adjust audio delay values without breaking audio and video sync entirely. To do so, go into the OBS settings screen and click Advanced. Under Scene Buffering Time ensure the value is set to 700 ms. With my most recent installation of OBS this value was already at 700 ms. Next, set Global Audio Sync Offset to 650 ms. Your settings screen should look similar to the following screenshot:

At this point your Party Chat audio will sync up nicely with the action on the screen but since we adjusted the global audio delay the game audio will off by exactly 650 ms. To fix this we need to tell the capture card to advance the audio, or in other words delay the video by the same amount in the "other direction." To do so open the settings dialog for your capture device and set the Audio Sync Offset to -650 ms. You can also adjust game volume here so that it doesn't drown out your party audio. Your settings screen will look similar to the following screenshot:

You're now ready to record or stream your Xbox One sessions with full Party Chat included!

Using an External Microphone

If you want to continue to use an external microphone you can do so by joining the party as you did before but muting your other Gamertag in the party. You will need to add 650 ms (or adjusted for your setup) in the Microphone Sync option under audio settings in OBS or your capture software.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully this gives you the information you need to get Xbox One Party Chat included in your next recording or stream. If you have questions or tips on how to do this even better (I'd love to find a way to make recording just the party chat easier without losing system sounds to my speakers for example) you can contact RealAngryMonkey via Xbox Live!